How I Created My Dream Craft Studio in Limited Space for under $350

I’m living proof that limited space doesn’t mean you can’t have a dedicated craft studio.  The New Year always makes me want to organize, and this year I knew that with an increase in ‘making’ time, I needed something bigger than a TV tray table as a craft surface.  In my dreams, my ideal desk was long, with tons of space and two workstations. One that could double as my work area during the day and a second that would be strictly dedicated to crafting/painting/artwork.  And of course there would be storage. Tons of storage.  The question was, how was I going to fit it into a normal sized bedroom without getting rid of the bed or spending more money than I could afford?

I started out measuring. I already had a large, oversized desk that was really bad at giving me any room or real storage space. I knew I had to start working with what I had and that meant using the Recollections storage cubes I’d been picking up on sale with coupons. I had seven of them, six storage cubes and one desktop cube that I purchased specifically for pen storage.  I didn’t pay over $25 for any of them. In fact, I got the desktop unit for $15 and several of the drawer units for $20.  I decided that with the right desktop, they would serve as the perfect desk base.

I was lucky enough to find two melamine desktops at the Container Store for $40 each in a lovely driftwood color attached to the cube bases they easily became my dual workstation desk.  It was perfect. Except there was still no space for my printer and Cricut without giving up my ‘dedicated’ workstation.

A quick trip to Target solved my problem nicely. I picked up a 6 cubby Threshold unit in grey, which almost exactly matches my driftwood table tops.  A handful of full and half sized fabric bins provided me with even more storage space and the top allows me to have both my printer and my Cricut set up all the time. This is huge because until now I was pulling my Cricut Explore out each time I wanted to use it. Now it’s easily accessible whenever I want to cut something out.

You’ll also notice I came up with a clever way to store my washi tape. I simply used two Command hooks and a small café rod. Voila, instant washi tape storage.

I’m so pleased with my new ‘craft studio’ space, and even more pleased that I was able to do it affordably.  Have you created your own studio space?  If so, what do you love about it?  If not, what would your dream space have in it?  Share in the comments!

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