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Just in case you're wondering who the Artful Geek Girl is and why she's writing this blog, this page is for you.

My name is Tina Marie Hilton and I've been creating things since my grandmother taught me to knit dresses for my Barbie dolls at the tender age of 7.  By the time I had children of my own decorative painting and jewelry making had been added to my maker resume.  A random introduction to scrapbooking in the early 1990's was the catalyst that began a passion for paper-crafting, stamping and cardmaking.  Fast forward to 2014 when I made another discovery that fit nicely with my papercraft passion. Mixed Media. Now I could add all of my papercrafting loves to paint, glue and assorted ephemera to create art.  This year (2016) my goal is to challenge myself to learn to draw and create my own whimsical characters and creatures to add to my artwork.  I think that's the thing I love most about arts and crafts, the fact that I'm always learning new things.

I discovered during my scrapbooking years that the only thing better than learning new things yourself was to share your knowledge with others.  From my very first website called Scrappin' Time on Geocities in the early 90's I knew that the Internet would be a great place to share that knowledge with others.  The Artful Geek Girl is my return to teaching others the joy of learning new things and helping them discover the magic of creating something beautiful from assorted materials.
When I'm not making things with paper, paint and stamps, I support my craft supply addiction assisting small businesses with online technology and website creation  and enjoy teaching my own granddaughter the joys of creating.

  •  I will never endorse a product, store, or tool that I haven't used and loved.
  • Any review posts will be listed as such and I will give my honest opinion of that product, good or bad.
  • Occasionally I may showcase a product or tool in a post, simply to introduce it to the community. Showcase posts will be clearly marked as such and will also state that it's not a review or endorsement of that product.
  • At this point in time, I buy all of my own supplies. If at any point in time I am sent a product as a gift or asked to do a guest post in exchange for product, I will fully disclose that fact at the top of the post.
  • I do use affiliate links on the blog and within blog posts. This simply means I earn a small commission if a product is purchased via one of those links. It doesn't cost you anything and it helps me keep this blog up and running. I always include a reminder before listing materials that many of the links could be affiliate links.

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