10+ Ways to Celebrate National Craft Month

Did you know March was National Craft Month ?

I love the fact that crafting has a whole month devoted to it.  In fact, I decided to celebrate it by taking a class on drawing faces. Of course I also plan on taking advantage of as many special events and sales that I can as well.  How can you celebrate?  Here are a few ideas:

Learn a new craft, skill or technique:

Share your creative projects:

Get inspired to create new projects:

Take advantage of special sales:

  • Your local craft stores will be celebrating with special deals all month long, so be sure to check out com, Michaels.com, ACMoore.com and Hobby Lobby to find out what their sales and coupons are during the month.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a local scrapbook store or artist supply store ask if they are running any special Craft Month events or sales.

Share your talents:

  • Offer to teach your local girl scout troop one of your favorite crafts.
  • Or teach your favorite craft to the seniors at a local senior center
  • Create a how-to video and post it to YouTube
  • Teach a child how to knit, crochet, paint, scrapbook, etc. You’ll be making a lasting impression and possibly planting the love of crafting that will last a lifetime.

That’s 13 ideas but there are bound to be tons of other exciting events and opportunities out there to celebrate National Crafting Month.  Do you know of some I haven’t listed?  Share them below!

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