Supply Stash Saturday: Repackaging to Fit You

Welcome to the first Supply Stash Saturday! Like Technique Tuesdays, these posts will be a regular feature here at Artful Geek Girl. In them I’ll talk about craft and art supplies.  What to do with the ones we have, new ones on the scene and even how to store and organize them.

Today it’s about supplies you have and may not use because the way they are packaged doesn’t work for you. Either you have to store it away where you never remember it or it’s form for one reason or another makes it hard for you to use.

Crafting and creating art is a personal thing, which means packaging that works for lots of other people just may not work for you.  For me, that supply was Dylusions paints.

I love the paints themselves.  They are fluid, blend fantastically when wet and dry fast. Best of all, for an art journaler or scrapbooker is that they are designed to be written on once dry. I truly love them.  What I didn’t love was the wide mouth jars they come in.

I know why the creator of the paint, Dyan Reaveley, chose the packaging, for her it was important to easily be able to get into the paint with finger, baby wipes, etc. but for me that just wasn’t how I found myself using them.  I always found myself scooping out a bit and putting a puddle on my non-stick craft sheet the same way I did my tubes of Liquitex and Golden paints. Leaving them open on my craft desk just wasn’t an option for me. First, space is limited and second, I just knew the cat would step in the jar or I would knock it over.  So they sat on a shelf, out of sight and pretty much unused unless I remembered to grab one now and then.

While watching a YouTube video by Effy Wild, she happened to mention how much more useful these same paints would be for her if they came in a flip top bottle instead of the jars.  I realized I wasn’t alone.  Other people had the same problem with the packaging as I did.

Because I loved the paints so much I decided to do something about it.  I purchased 12 empty 2 oz. flip top bottles and a silicone funnel.  I then proceeded to do the slightly messy job of transferring the paint from jars to bottles.

The video below will show you exactly how I did it.  I removed the Dylusions sticker from the tops of the jars with Un-du and applied them to the bottle, but you could just create your own labels. And although, yes, there was a small amount of paint ‘wasted’, actually having the paint in packaging that I would use made it worth it for me.  [Material list is below the video as always.

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2oz. plastic flip top bottles


Silicone funnel

Dylusions Paints

Do you have supplies that you love but hate the packaging?  Have you ever considered repackaging to make it work for you? Share your story in the comments.




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