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Sometimes a girl has to have glitter. That’s what I determined a couple of months ago when I realized, ::gasp:: , I had no glitter in my current craft stash.  Of course, when I got to A.C. Moore, I couldn’t decide on simply one color. Luckily I found a solution. A nifty package of sixteen colors of sparkle.  There was only one problem.


They were in small cellophane pouches; meaning the glitter would need to be stored in something after each package was opened.  In my many hours perusing Pinterest and browsing in craft stores I found myself drawn to the idea of storing glitter in shaker jars.  I had noticed that some brands of glitter are actually packaged that way now. So I set off in search of shaker storage.

I knew I didn’t want anything too big (no parmesan shakers). I also didn’t want to pay a lot for them and I wanted them to be glass, not plastic. With 16 colors plus Distress Rock Candy, I needed at least 17 shakers and I didn’t want to spend over $15. That meant whatever I chose needed to be less than $1 apiece.  Simple right?  That’s what I thought until I actually starting searching for something.  My local Dollar Tree only had plastic salt shakers, the local craft stores that had shakers were charging almost $2 and the salt and pepper sets at Target and Wal-Mart were way too big.

Back to Pinterest I went and happened to see a picture of tiny salt shakers, the kind that you might see at a wedding.  They were perfect.  Especially when a quick search on Amazon brought back a set of 24 for under $14.  I placed my order. I may or may not have ordered some stamps along with them.  Then I waited for the box to arrive.emptyshakers

I was so excited when that lovely brown truck pulled into our driveway yesterday.  Tearing into the box I was thrilled to see that the little square shakers were the perfect size, making them easy to fit into my limited craft storage space. The holes in the little chrome tops were the perfect size for dispensing just the right amount of glitter for my projects and the opening when taking those tops off was big enough to funnel leftovers back in to.filled

Of course, I immediately had to open all 16 of those little cellophane pouches and fill my newest storage solution.  Even though they are small, they could easily hold three or four times the amount of glitter in the pouch. And they look so pretty don’t they?rainbow

Now I’m on the lookout for a wire basket to fit them in, but until then they sit nicely on top of my current storage space, just waiting to sprinkle some sparkle onto my next project.

How do you store your glitter?  Do you have an awesome idea for storing embossing powder?  Or another craft supply?  Share with us in the comments!

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