Hi, I’m A Geek Girl and I Have a Crafting Problem

It seems only fitting that my first post should give any readers that might wander by a bit of information about me.  You know, that whole “getting to know you” thing.  And now I have music from “The King and I” floating around in my head. Yes, I’m old enough to know that particular song is from a Rogers and Hammerstein musical.  No, I’m not old enough that I’ve ever actually seen it.  As a self-proclaimed geek girl, musicals aren’t really my thing.  Unless you count Moulin Rouge, which had Ewan MacGregor in it, who we all know is Obi-Wan Kenobi, thus the geek connection.

So just how did a geek like me manage to find herself with a crafting problem?

First, I haven’t classified it as a problem myself, that was my daughter’s doing.  It may have stemmed from the fact that I can’t get past a Michael’s store without buying something.  Or the fact that my room has more craft supplies per square foot than sleeping surfaces.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m consistently smack dab in the middle of some new crafting brainchild complete with new techniques and new toys tools.

Ok, so maybe I do have a wee bit of a problem. I blame it on my Gram. She’s the one that set my feet on this path at a tender age by teaching me how to knit and crochet.  It was all downhill from there.

Over the years (lots of them) I’ve found myself enthralled by tole painting, stenciling, working with clay, jewelry making, stamping and scrapbooking.  Those final two prompted my career as a craft supply collector. Too bad you don’t get paid based on the age of the scrapbooking papers in your stash.  I’d be rich.

Good thing I also fell in love with technology along the way as well. Luckily, being a tech geek does allow you to make a living.  And in my case, support my addiction.  It also allows you to find ways to make tech and crafting come together.  Things like using Photoshop to create cut files for my Cricut Explore, or creating digital scrapbook pages.

One thing I’ve learned over my years of craft addiction is that those closest to you gradually lose their enthusiasm over your latest creation.  It could be magnificent and chances are you’ll get a simple “That’s nice” when proudly displaying it. Their eyes also tend to glaze over when you start gushing about your latest and greatest deal at the craft store or the must do craft idea you stumbled across on Pinterest.  Only other addicts crafters truly appreciate your skills, finds or the fact you finally got that technique you’ve been struggling with mastered.

So hello fellow crafter, this is my blog where I’ll share all of the above and then some.  It is my plan that here you’ll find new ideas, new techniques, where the latest bargains may be and lots of inspiration. I hope you’ll visit often and share your own creations, deals, techniques and thoughts.


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