Craft Crush: Ken Oliver Crafts Color Burst

I’m lucky enough to actually own some of my current craft crushes like Julie Nutting stamps, Copic markers and Dylusions ink sprays.  That doesn’t mean that all of the craft items I’m currently crushing on are in my stash…yet.  One of the items that I’m crushing hard on right now are Color Burst by Ken Oliver Crafts.

What are Color Burst?  They are micro-fine watercolor powders. The highly concentrated pigments can be sprinkled and then activated with water. Or you can spritz first and sprinkle and they will activate as they hit your wet surface.  Or you can mix them in a misting bottle to create your own spray mists.

I own two inexpensive watercolor sets, one pan set and one in tubes, so when I first saw these little bottles of Color Burst I was ready to be unimpressed.  And then I watched the video and immediately added them to my wish list.  It’s not just the versatility of Color Burst that I’m crushing on, it’s also how vibrant they are and the seemingly magical way they bloom into gorgeousness.

Oh yeah, I’m totally crushing.  Watch the video below to learn more, but be warned, you may end up with a new craft crush too!

Feature image of Color Burst is from Ken’s World in Progress

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