Craft Crush: Copic Markers

It wasn’t so long ago that if you told me I would be buying markers for more than $5 a piece I would have LOL’d.  Sure, I’d looked at the alcohol ink markers out there, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay that much money for markers.  Even when I began reading wonderful things about them I still resisted the impulse to try them for myself.  And then I dove into the world of mixed media, and in particular, Julie Nutting paper dolls.  And it happened. I found myself really lusting after those crazy expensive markers.

Thank heavens for Michael’s coupons.  I decided it wouldn’t be so bad to take the plunge and buy a small, 6 marker set with a 40% off coupon.  I chose the Primary color set first.  Could an alcohol marker truly be that different from markers I’d used in the past?


The color was vibrant and rich, flowing onto the page and blending smoothly.  Before long I was once again gripping a 40% off coupon and the Sea set which came with the blender pen.  Now I had the bright primary blue and some softer shades that I could play around with.  The results were amazing and suddenly I knew I had to have the skin tones for coloring my beloved paper dolls.  It was so easy to shade and highlight, the colors blending into each other.  I was hooked.


At this writing I’ve purchased two more sets, hair and pastels, both 6 marker sets. And I’m still loving them.  Did I mention these markers are refillable? And double ended, with a brush nib and a chisel nib?  And that those nibs are also replaceable?  For me, this is what makes them worth the investment.

I’ve promised myself that before I purchase any more markers I need to invest in the refills for the ones I have already. But those jewel tones whisper my name every time I walk by them in the craft store…

Copic markers, definitely a huge craft crush for me.  What’s your craft crush?

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