Discover Your Creative Style by Discovering You

"Art is not always about pretty things, it's about who we are, what happened to us and how our lives are affected."

- Elizabeth Braun

There are a lot of articles out there on how to find your own style artistically. Yet, in my experience one thing seems to be missing from the equation: knowing who YOU are as a person and an artist.  Not what you are drawn to for media or whether you gravitate toward the whimsical or realistic, landscapes or portraits.

If you really stop and think about it, how in the world can you expect to develop your own artistic style if you’ve never taken the time to get to know yourself.

The majority of us spend so much time trying to understand others and make them happy that we fail to stop, ask and answer the really deep questions that can clarify who we really are.

This is why many psychologists believe in the importance of asking ourselves (and more importantly answering) questions that not only cause us to reflect on our own beliefs, goals and dreams, but that in turn are a catalyst for more questions that can take us deeper into understanding just who we really are.

Asking myself some of these challenging questions has made me much more aware of the reasons I am who I am and why I tend to do the things I do. It’s also been a catalyst for some pretty major changes in my life that have probably been needed for a long, long time.

The bonus side effect of this inner soul searching?  I can see my artistic style developing.

Did You Know That Asking Yourself the Right Type of Questions Could Be Key to Finding Your Unique Creative Style?

Not just any questions, but questions that trigger answers, emotions and actions. These are not your normal limiting questions, but questions that inspire self-reflection and self-realization. Questions that can be stepping stones to being the very best, and happiest, you that you can be."

...but where do you find these type of questions?


A Zine to Help Us On Our Journey

To help myself and others I’ve created a new zine to encourage asking and answering those challenging questions and uncover who we really are on our creative journey.  The answers to these questions can help you no matter what type of creative journey you are embarking on; artists, writers, planner peeps, family historians, journalers, bloggers, vloggers ; knowing the who, what and whys that form you will open new creative channels.


Introducing the em•POW•erment Zine

In my bi-monthly zine, you will be presented with six of these types of questions in each issue. Those questions will be presented on top of, and surrounded by my original mixed media art. You can answer the questions right inside the zine, on a separate piece of paper or; if you just like art you can ignore them totally. (Although, I challenge you to give the questions a try. It’s kind of fun being a ‘who am I really?’ detective)

Each zine is full color and pocket-sized so it’s easy to take with you or tuck into your planner, journal or even your back pocket.


What You'll Get:

  • a copy of my handmade 8 page zine every two months
  • original mixed media artwork 
  • six questions created to make you think and take action
  • space to answer the questions right in the zine

The Zine is...

  • Pocket-sized so it's easy to take along with you in your purse
  • Perfect for adding to planners, traveler's notebooks and journals
  • Great to re-use for art journaling and collage
  • A unique way to learn more about yourself and help you discover your own creative style.

When do you get it?

• every other month, starting with the August 2017 issue
• release dates for the zine will be on or about the 15th of publication months, zines will ship between 1 - 3 days after issue release.
• 2017-18 release months are as follows: August, October, December, February, April, and June.


The Easiest Way is to Become a Patron.

Everyone who signs up to support my artistic endeavors on Patreon will get a free copy of the zine mailed directly to them no matter what level of support they choose.  

Yes, mailed. As in Happy Mail. 

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Are You Ready to Unlock Your Creative Style?

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